Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nice to meet you....

So as my first post I just wanted to introduce everyone to who I am and what I am up to:

So I'm Landocommando, the overly social, versatile kid, that doesn't really know what he wants for his future. I have grown up with 4 sisters but I think I have done a very good job at maintaining my masculinity. Growing up I was always the carefree type, who's favorite song was always "Don't worry be Happy!". I have come to realize that with that attitude came some consequences where I often didn't seem to think about what mattered most to me. The last couple of years I have changed a lot of my viewpoints on life, but have also found that what is important to me often doesn't match what the people around me place as their priorities.

Things that are important to Landocommando:
1. Real Conversations: I enjoy having REAL conversations about things that matter- while I understand that the "Get-to-know-you" conversations are a necessary first step, I will often ask people questions that surprise others. For me I like talking about things that will actually make me think or get to know the way you think, not the role you play in the act we call sociality.

2. Sports: sports are an important part of my life. I realized in high school that there is more to life than sports, but when I left high school I also realized that I hold Sports (basketball in particular) very close to my heart because of the lessons I have learned from it. I was the kid that hung around parks just waiting to find a pick-up basketball, frisbee, soccer, or football game.

3. My future family: People may ask me why I am so focused on a family that I don't even have yet (nor do I even have a girlfriend to be pondering about marriage). But I feel like since I was a young teen I have been excited to be a father (Not so excited that I wasn't going to be willing to wait til marriage, but none the less....Excited). I know that the decisions I make now will effect the husband and father I will become. I look forward to finding someone to share my life with and raise children that will cause us so much worry, but also increase our capacity to love.

4. My Faith: For me my faith has made me the person I am. I know that I can become better each day and have a large influence for good (if I am living my life in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ). I spent two years serving people in the Caribbean area and most importantly teaching that Christ is our redeemer and that we can each have a personal relationship with Heavenly Father. It is true when Christ said, "He that loseth his life for my sake (Christ's) shall find it." (Matthew 10:39). When I forgot about myself I learned a lot about the greater things in life. Now I am back in the real world and am trying to create the life that I potentially saw for myself in the future. One thing that has helped me is to find a way to serve  someone else and you will feel happy and your perspective will be the correct one. Feel free to ask me any questions you want:  place BLOG in the subject line or I probably won't read it.

Those are just a few things that are important to me, but as I write more you will get to know me.

Well I feel like this has been an adequate introduction and I am sure I will write some blogs  involving friendships, relationships, funny stories, and maybe even take some requested topics.
My goal for today is looking for 5 things I am grateful for (I definitely need to)
See ya,

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