Sunday, August 5, 2012

Things that Confuse me

Girls parties: Almost every party I have ever been to where a girl has organized it, there seems to be an unexplainably large quantity of men compared to women. When girls are planning parties do they not think about numbers or do they just not care? If you ever go to a guy's party they have planned this out. Girls you should think about it next time. 

Questions: Why is it when we greet someone we ask "how's it going?", but we rarely answer this question with how we are really doing. Nor do we expect any answer besides "good". What's worse is we have come up with questions like "What's up?" when walking by someone one without even expecting an answer. Why do we ask questions like these, without intent of listening to the answer. 

High Heels: I really want to know, what was original purpose of high heels? Really please explain that to me. I really want to know. Because I definitely know the original purpose wasnt to make a women's butt look better!

Okay speaking of butts this may be weird, but it really makes no sense to me. How in the world do we find butts attractive? it makes no logical sense, yet I still am. 

Harry Potter: Why did Harry Potter, not just go for Hermione? I think we all knew that she was in to him. Besides she turned out better than Ginny and Cho. Seriously Harry I think you made a big mistake, am I the only one? I was rooting that one to work out.

Use of Money: Really I don't know why anyone would spend one hundred dollars on a meal where it doesnt even fill the plate. For me I would personally rather buy 10 meals for 10 dollars each. Ask any person that has ever been starving before, and they would agree with me. 

Fear of being Called Gay: Okay guys when you say that you can't tell if a girl would find another guy attractive are you serious? Or are you just scared of being called gay? In my experience I can pick out a guy that I know my sister will find attractive. 

Nerds=Trendsetter?: Why if you read a book about something you are nerdy, but if you watch a movie about the same thing everyone thinks it is awesome. Example: some one reads a comic book=nerd, some one watches all the comic books in movie form= normal;  reads lord of the rings=elf want-to-be, watches the movie= film supporter; reads the book Moneyball= stats geek, movie comes out and everyone watches= thinks what a great story. Hmmm see any trends, Nerds are really setting the trends and we are too stupid to even notice it. Lol

Pop Music: So in most popular song there has to be a phrase repeated at least 40 times, how does that make a quality song? For example listen to any Pit Bull song. lol Is Pop music really the most well liked music? if not should we call it POP music?

Dub Step: When did we record dinosaurs fighting on the death star and when did the audio of it become famous to dance to?

Let me know if you agree with any of these or can think of any other things that confuse you